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Ventura County Upgrades to Tier 2!

Welcome to Tier 2 (Red) Ventura County! Wearing our masks, physical distancing and washing our hands appears to be working. As a community we have managed to bring our cases per 100,000 and the positivity rates down to levels that allowed the state to lower our rating from Tier 1 (Purple) to Tier 2 (Red). The next step is to move to Tier 3 (Orange) but that is going to require us to lower our cases per 100,000 to 3.9 or lower and our Positivity Rate to 4.9% or lower.

It’s great that we are moving into territory where we can start loosening up the restrictions and that businesses will be able to bring people back into their establishments, but we must not lose sight of the fact that if we do not keep on doing the things that reduced our COVID-19 number, we will be right back where we started with additional restrictions put back into place. Yes, if we do not maintain, we can slide back.

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